Beautiful things

I’m stopping short of full insta wellness mode, but after a pretty tough last year it’s time to change step so I’m going to write about one beautiful thing every day. I will desist from posting pictures of my breakfast, for now.

This morning the kids went back to school. We’d just got back from Goa, where we dozed and basked in sun like lizards, and after a week of that I remembered how bad I am at heat and how northern I am at heart and the cold Welsh air felt really good again.

For once, jetlag meant we were up with time to spare, and I scraped the ice off the car without swearing about imminent lateness. The houses on the hills to the north of the Wye, from the Begwns to the Hergest Ridge, were just beginning to pick up the sun and glint pinkly as you drive along the south side of the valley in the morning at this time of year.

After being really quite freaked out by winter driving last year, this morning it was gorgeous, all frosty fields and candy-coloured sky, and the outlines of the trees on the crests of the hills closer had perfectly clean lines.

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