I grew up in southeast London and studied English Lit at UCL. I partied a lot, thought about what it meant more than was healthy and had two noisy, beautiful children quite young.

A few years ago, I started a PhD on The Hunting of the Snark. While procrastinating in the library, I wrote Mushroom Season, which was runner up for the FT/Bodley Head Essay Prize, and off the back of that I started writing books, the first of which, Uprooted, was recipient of the Roger Deakin Award.

I have appeared on BBC Radio 2’s Up All Night, Radio 3’s Free Thinking and Radio 4’s The World Tonight, and at numerous festivals, and like writing and talking and collaborating on all sorts of things. I live with my children near Hay-on-Wye.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Nina,
    I`ve just bought your book Mushroom Season for my research about fungi consumption. I`m a cook and foraging specialist from germany and would like to interview you about your experiences. Please get in touch with me.
    Yours Peter Becker

  2. Dear Nina,

    I recently made a video about Bigfoot sightings in the UK, which is linked below. Spring Heeled Jack and The Green Man make an appearance in the raw data.

    I had been thinking about looking into The Green Man. It’s nice to see that you have already done this, I look forward to reading your book!

    If you would like to find out more about the data in the video, my email address is bangerbangford@gmail.com.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Nina – I’m just reading Uprooted, which I’m really enjoying. Although I live in Melbourne, I still occasionally get out my collection of OS 1:25000 maps and try to find ley lines around the strange grid of lanes below Firle Beacon, near Lewes in East Sussex. I was born and brought up in Eastbourne, where my best subject at school (back in the mid-sixties) was art. My art teacher was the remarkable Marcus Lyon. Any relation of yours, by any chance? Mike

  4. Hi Nina .. I am the founder and daily leader of a spiritual fitnesscenter called Tinkuy in Copenhagen. We would love to hear more about your very interesting work. Maybe we could do a zoom-session? Ideally you would visit us here in Copenhagen (or vice versa) but of course there could be a practical barrier there in terms of ‘good-old time & money’ . Anyway contact me if and when you would like to hear more about this. Joyful will, Johan Tino … johan@tinkuy.dk , +45 22240542

  5. Hi Nina. I just finished reading ‘Uprooted’, which I enjoyed. I feel as if I am travelling a parallel path in search of the Green Man, though mine began with “Swamp Thing” and has also been informed by Rosslyn Chapel, Newgrange, Ring of Brogar and such like. I can thoroughly recommend “Swamp Thing” (ST) (also Floronic Man) as contemporary versions of the medieval stone carvings reproduced in graphic art. ST epitomises the essence of ‘The Green Consciousness’ and can animate any form of vegetation, also has the capability to form loving/sexual relationships with humankind. One trippy episode has ST produce from his body a psychoactive tuber to share with his human lover, on ingestion of which she joins him in a spiritual trip through the entire consciousness of “Green” – I think you might enjoy reading it!
    Blessings, Derek.

  6. Hi Nina, Just finished reading Uprooted and thoroughly enjoyed it. Winter walks round York will be devoted to finding Green Men and Sheela-na-gigs as we poke around the town’s many churches. Looking forward to your next book.

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