I’m in the final year of a PhD on Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem The Hunting of the Snark. It is supervised by Chris Norris at Cardiff University and it sees the Snark as an antirealist philosophical response to positivist developments in mathematics and logic.

It is also about sense and nonsense and humour, and the unlikely relationship between comedy and metaphysics. I get to write about koans, Deleuze’s barely readable The Logic of Sense and endless back copies of Mind, which was much better in the late nineteenth century.

I’ve presented at the European Society for Literature and Science and British Society for Literature and Science annual conferences, at London Critical and at many others. I recently co-presented a Logic of Sense-themed trip report at the brilliant biennial psychedelic science and culture conference, Breaking Convention, and there will be more to come on the philosophy of psychedelics. I expect to get a few Snark-related papers out as I resume work on a final draft. Recent Snark piece in Aeon here.