These are some of the things I’ve published about philosophy, language, the natural world and the mind. I’m working on a collection of essays in this domain.

‘The Logic of Nonsense’, The Free Speech Wars, Manchester University Press (forthcoming, 2020)

‘Integrating Psychedelics’ in Revisioning Existential Therapy, Routledge (forthcoming, 2020) – co-authored with Niklas Serning

Indefinite’, The Clearing, Little Toller (2019)

Slaying the Snark: what nonsense verse tells us about realityAeon (Jan 3 2019)

How Acid Caused Postmodernism (or didn’t)’, Breaking Convention IV: Psychedelicacies (2019) – co-authored with Eli Lee

‘The Clamour of Being’, Inns of Molten Blue, Nicholas Johnson/PlusOne Gallery (2017)